Banded Bariatric Procedures

Banded Bariatric Procedures

“Since Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is primarily a restriction operation, just as with LSG, it is important that the outlet of the pouch does not stretch.”

The banded bypass surgery is a modification of the RYGB enhancing its restrictive component. The rationale for the band in a primary gastric bypass surgery is that the pouch and the stoma sizes are important in the weight loss and weight maintenance effects of the gastric bypass.

In the banded GBP (Gastric By-Pass) the pouch and the stoma sizes are calibrated, standardized and reinforced. There is even evidence that the band in the GBP also results in less incidence of – outlet stenosis requiring dilatation, dumping syndrome and reactive hypoglycemia. As rightly said by the inventor Dr Fobi himself—Banding the pouch converts GBP from “Gold Standard” to the “Platinum Standard”!

Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy

In the same light it makes a lot of sense to band the sleeve. As Sleeve Gastrectomy is a pure restrictive procedure , one could “prolong” the effect of the restriction by adding the Fobi’s ring to it.

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