Dr. Sushant Wadhera

M.B.B.S, M.S. (Gen Surgery), FNB (MAS) Member of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons ( E.A.E.S)

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We cover a big variety of surgical services

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We cover a big variety of medical services

  • Dear Dr. Sushant, I still remember when we first meet, 2 years back, I had walked into your clinic with my wife “Megha” when Dr. Surpreet Kaur introduced us to you for the problem that Megha was facing, from that first meeting you have been guiding us through out with a very welcoming smile and your warm affectionate way of discussion with absolute goal to make us understand what is the issue and what we would need to do to get it resolved. I remember your one liner “I don’t charge by the time I take for consultation and will not stop explaining till you are absolutely clear”.
    MRS megha rajput and Mr Niranjan rajput
  • My grandfather( 75yrs) was diagnosed with gall bladder stones some as big as 24.8mm. He was prescribed removal of these stones by laproscopy. It was apparently supposed to be a very risky procedure. We lucky found Dr. Sushant Wadhera and he performed the procedure with ease due to his experience and expertise. After the procedure, he was very much present for the recovery process and was very professional and friendly towards my grandfather. We are very thankful of him. Dr. Sushant was very humble, kind and supportive throughout the treatment. We recommend him to all.
    Sonal Yadav
  • I highly recommend Dr. Sushant Wadhera, most experienced as well as very loving and caring. Last year he did my wife's gall bladder surgery and last month my mother had a surgery both surgery he did very smoothly. I like his way to treat their patients. Thanks a lot sir and we wish you for success .
    Jay rathi
  • Dr. Sushant Wadhera is a goodsend to us.In a time wen our world is so paced who respond appropriately and give personal touch.That someone is Dr.Sushant Wadhera. He takes his time and diagnosed at right time. He has address it to the best of her ability. Thanks for treating well to my mother with laproscopic gall bladder surgery.
    Sakshi dhusa
  • Dr Sushant operated my wife for gall bladder surgery on 27 April,2019.she having so many other issues along with this,but he sorted out all these issue in very gently way and my wife's life going so smooth. Thanks Dr Sushant to handle my wife's case and to become a god for us....
    Yogi Sharma

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We cover a big variety of medical services

Diabetic woman on 180 units of INJECTION free from diabetes

Diabetic woman on 180 units of insulin free from diabetes


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